Tweak Your Workout To Lose The Extra Pounds

Tweak Your Workout To Lose The Extra Pounds

Have you been working out consistently, but can’t seem to shed those extra pounds you’re holding? If you’ve been trying for an extended period of time, you probably feel like giving up. There are ways to lose that extra weight without changing your whole workout routine!

In order to maintain the same workout but burn more calories, you have to make some adjustments to your reps and sets to make the routine more intense. This means you will be sweating more, feeling a stronger burn in your muscles and become more drained at the end of your workout.

Here are some tweaks you can consider implementing into your workout routine to increase intensity and lose the extra pounds:


The superset involves the combination of two different exercises one after another without break. These are especially useful for training different muscle groups as well as to get your heart rate pumping incredibly fast.

Shorter Rest Times

Naturally, if you wish to push yourself further, you can take a shorter rest time in between sets in order to make your workout more intense. Not only will this push your basic metabolic rate up, but it trains your endurance levels so you have more gas in the tank to push out the final rep in your training regimen. Do note that this method only applies to compound movements and you shouldn’t be decreasing your rest times for every single exercise.

Contract Your Muscles Fully

While working out, you should always be contracting and relaxing your muscles to the full range of motion in order to get a proper workout. If you concentrate on squeezing the muscles, not only will you be able to fully activate the muscle, but it will definitely increase the stress on your body and in turn burn more calories over time.

Increase Time Under Tension

Finally, you want to increase the time at which your muscles are under tension. This means that the time spent on your negative reps should be longer in order to place more stress on the required muscle group. Even though you are moving at a slower pace, you are actually increasing the intensity in your workout, allowing you to shed those extra pounds over time.

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