Stay Motivated & Work Your Butt Off


Staying motivated is possibly the single most important aspect of fitness. Then again, staying motivated is not just about fitness it is a better way of life and a better standard for performance. When you’re motivated you find a way to get things done and there is nothing that can get in your way or stop you from reaching your goals. To help stay motivated it’s important to follow a few rules. But don’t be afraid to break the rules, after all, no one ever reached their goals without breaking the rules a little along the way.

Set a Goal
The first thing you want to do is set the goal. When you set this goal it’s important to answer a few questions that you can use to remind yourself or push yourself when push comes to shove. You need to know exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Why do you want to achieve this goal? Explain to yourself in convincing detail why you want to reach this goal. How are you going to achieve this goal? You need a plan, a strategy, and a vision of the end.

Enjoy the Journey
It’s critical that you have fun on your journey. You don’t want to setup a plan based solely around, say running, and you hate running. Do things that are fun and you enjoy, do it with friends and family, or do it alone if you are into that sort of thing. Find the exercises that make you feel whole and do the activities that are going to send you on your way. Enjoy the journey because at the end of the day it’s about the journey not the results.

No Excuses!
I don’t like it, it’s too hard, I don’t have time, I don’t know how to do that exercise, I am too tired, my *insert body part* hurts, I am not feeling good today, I don’t get a break from the kids, exercise is boring. No, just STOP IT! No excuses, setup a system to get you out of making excuses. Buy a piggy bank and every time you make excuses deposit money into it. Have your friends and family help to hold you accountable. But most importantly, you need to start holding yourself accountable.

Document it
It’s important to document your journey. Snap a photo of yourself and post it on social media, “That’s who I’ll never be again.” Know your starting weight and measurements, “that’s how much I’ll never weight again.” Know where you are starting and have a clear vision of where you are going. Document how much food you are taking in and how much you are burning off.

Work Your Butt Off
None of the previous steps are going to matter or mean anything if you don’t work your butt off. Every day when you wake up you need to have a clear picture of your goals and there can be no doubt in your mind that you are going to succeed. The only thing you need to do is work hard every single day.

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