The 3 Reasons Why Workout Programs Fail

The 3 Reasons Why Workout Programs Fail

If you’re constantly struggling with sticking to one of your new workout programs, you’re not alone. It’s a problem that has to addressed in order to improve your health!

Today, we’ll be looking into the three most common reasons why people fail after starting a new workout program!

Your Goals Are Not Motivating

When you start a new workout program, it is probably to address an existing problem. It could be it to increase their endurance, muscular growth at a particular area or to lose weight. But if you change your workout to lose weight, but weight loss alone is not motivating you enough to get you to the gym, you are bound to fail. Until you find your true motivation, workout programs will come and go without you seeing results.

You Fear Discomfort

Change can be a painful and scary experience. When it comes to fitness, both of these are true. When you’re moving from a workout that focuses on endurance or toning, to a workout that focuses on strength, you’ll find that the amount of weight you lift will vary. If you’re used to running regularly and switched your workout to a circuit training, perhaps it will take time for your body to adjust to the new  training and it can be discouraging when you first start. Many people just give up at this point because it’s just too difficult, but you have to push through to the other side. It will eventually get better and stronger with consistency!

The Reward Is Not Coming Fast enough

Most people derive a sense of satisfaction and achievement from their workouts, which keeps them going even when they don’t feel like working out. But when you switch to a new workout, the feeling may not be as satisfying at first. One example would be going from a running program to a bodybuilding program. When you run, the chemicals released from your body, such as serotonin will make you feel happy and elated. Bodybuilding, on the other hand, will not trigger the same amount satisfaction as compared to running, so many people think it’s not as good when they first start. You have to derive a new joy from this workout in order not to fall off it in the long run.

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