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Rush Cycling is bringing a “new spin” to Hoboken.

Tucked away conveniently inside of an uptown Grand St. loft; brothers Gary and Bruce Goodrich bring over 25 years of experience to the Spin scene here in Hoboken.

Both brothers were avid cyclers but felt that there was something missing from the traditional Spin class.

Before Rush Cycling Bruce was a trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and would frequently attend local spin classes but would often encounter broken bikes, having to fight over the one of his choice, and an overall poor atmosphere.

Gary was an experienced spin instructor with a huge following in California frequently working with movie stars like Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When Gary moved back to the East Coast they knew that a change needed to be made to the atmosphere of Spinning. They knew they had to go with a signature bike called a “Real Ryder,” where unlike most stationary bikes this one actually moves from side to side.

This helps to mimic the movements of a real bike; engaging a lot more core muscles, balance, and overall cardio which leads to more calories burned.

A typical spin bike is stationary and doesn’t move. You can cheat a lot. Our bikes don’t allow any cheating.”

There aren’t many gyms in New Jersey that have these signature bikes so Gary and Bruce are proud to have these available in their studios.

The average session at Rush Cycle is 55 minutes long. Their atmosphere is phenomenal and reminds us more of a social club vs. a traditional cramped spin room that you see in most big box gyms. Seriously, we would hang out here even after spin class.

This boutique spin studio is perfect if you’re looking to be more then a number in a class but part of a spin family. They’ve had tremendous success with their members with some losing over 50lbs!

We’re excited to announce that they’ve recently opened up another studio in Jersey City at 189 Brunswick St.

Enjoy this beautiful atmosphere, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff today.

Here’s a list of RushClasses:

RushRyde:  Our signature class utilizes the full functionality of our RealRyder bikes. Improve overall cardio, strengthen your core, and tone your upper body while guided on a fully simulated RushRyde. Look, lean, and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

TotalRush:  Maximize your time and training by taking your ryde to the next level. TotalRush is hybrid of high intensity cardio and a strength-training workout. Your time on the bike focuses on cardio and core, while off the bike your sculpt and strengthen with weights.

MorningRush:  The commuter-friendly version of our RushRyde. We trim it down to 45 mins so you can get in, get worked, and get out.

LunchRush Our MorningRush remixed for the midday crew. Use your lunch hour to burn calories.

TourDeRush:  Ryde like the pros. Our extended class follows the maps of various famous race routes and brings them into the studio. This is the ultimate class for endurance and stamina.

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