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The Problem
There are more gyms, diets, resources, and workout programs than ever before, yet obesity is at an all-time high, and over 80% of people fail to stick with a consistent exercise program.


92% Of People Who Made Health-Related Resolutions Have Already Quit.

70% Of People Who Belong To Gyms Never Actually Go.

Common Excuses Are:
- "I Don't Have Time"
- "I'm Too Tired"
- "Being Healthy Is Boring"

"We are what we repeatedly do," Aristotle proclaimed.
The Solution
For 100 days straight, can you take a photo/video capturing a healthy choice you made that day?

Celebrate the little accomplishments! This is your chance to explore, try a different workout, taste different foods, and Discover New Fitness.

The point of the #100FitDays challenge is to see if, for 100 days in a row, you can make a conscious decision to be fit, capture, and share your journey along the way.

#FitTag {fit-tag}

a healthy moment that is captured as a photo or video in the world. Every #FitTag that one posts is a milestone, a step closer to them reaching their goal.

Warning: FitTags have a tendency to inspire others around those posting them.
Start Today
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3. Include The Day & #100FitDays
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5. Repeat

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That's it, that simple!
What's In It For You?
People Who Have Lasted All 100 Days:

- Discovered New Ways To Get Fit Around Them.
- Inspired others to do the same.
- Got more fit.
- Developed Healthier Habits.
- Learned More Variety From Our Experts.

Every person that successfully completes this challenge will be eligible to win our grand prize, which is... You Won’t Be A Statistic and You’ll Be Helping The World Live Healthier!
Start The #100FitDays Challenge Today!
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